SMD Principal Joins Slavin Foundation Team to Support Student Entrepreneurship

SMD Principal Jeff Andrews has joined the Slavin Family Foundation as a Special Advisor and member of the Selection Committee for the Slavin Fellowship. 

The Slavin Family Foundation provides support to dedicated students that have a desire to contribute to humanity and the ability and discipline to bring entrepreneurial ideas to life.  The primary activity of the Foundation is the Slavin Fellowship, which offers support and mentorship to outstanding undergraduate and graduate students pursing entrepreneurial projects that have a potential for world-changing impact.

The Fellowship began as the brainchild of Nick Slavin, CEO and Trustee of the Foundation.  As an 18-year-old senior at Yale University, Nick started Bulldog Exploration Co., an oil exploration and production company that he built over the next decade.  Nick has since founded a seed-stage energy and sustainability-oriented venture capital fund, EES Ventures.

In an interview recently conducted by the Yale Daily News, Nick explained: “One challenge that student entrepreneurs face is having so many life options and having to make important choices with limited information and experience. Part of the Foundation’s value to Fellows will be offering a guiding hand to students evaluating options for their company and their life.”

“The Fellowship is designed to provide students with entrepreneurial interests the resources and support they need to pursue their ideas while staying in school, something few, if any, other programs offer,” says Olav Sorenson, Frederick Frank ’54 and Mary C. Tanner Professor of Management at Yale University, and a member of the Foundation’s advisory board, as quoted in an article published by the Fulbright Commission.

When interviewed by the Yale Daily News about the Fellowship, Jeff Andrews explained: “In my opinion, the often-heard choice between obtaining a traditional university education and pursuing the entrepreneurial spirit is a false one.”  The Fellowship will provide a monetary award to recipients, of course, but perhaps more importantly will provide invaluable guidance and access to a network of business and technical leaders.  In addition to his roles as a Special Advisor to the Foundation and member of the Fellowship Selection Committee, Jeff will provide IP legal advice, pro bono, to the Slavin Fellows.

Additional information regarding the Fellowship can be found here.