Fee Arrangements

Experience is the Key

Sutton McAughan Deaver PLLC is a leader in offering flexible fee structures for intellectual property litigation, as well as alternate and fixed fee arrangements for counseling and transactional work. Examples of fee structures SMD's attorneys have used in the past include:

  • Contingent fee or partial-contingent fee
  • Not-to-exceed fee limits
  • Flat or fixed fee
  • Fee hold-back with milestone bonus

The key to effective alternate fee arrangements is experience. The lawyers at SMD have the years of experience necessary to effectively evaluate cases—both on the plaintiff and defense sides—to identify the key issues, the trouble spots, and the possible outcomes. Only with this experience can a lawyer effectively advise a client, and outline the best possible approaches in legal strategy and fee structure that are fair to both the client and the lawyer. By identifying these issues early and effectively evaluating the legal landscape, SMD can eliminate wasted efforts spent chasing tangential issues that will never be seen by a jury or a judge. By eliminating much of the waste in the legal process, SMD can efficiently and more predictably provide effective legal representation.